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Apex INS. Consultant Ltd. is India's only complete risk management company for Doctors and Hospitals with it's Pan India Presence and 20 offices infrastructure. See what the power of expert shield and services can do to your profession. We are capable, affordable and best in Medico-legal services and Indemnity Insurance.

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60,000 Doctors and one Serious Organisation- Our Cap Is full of powerful feathers. Keeping your profession secured is our business and we are serious of our business. From Best Experts to complete Cashless & Worry free doorstep solutions, we cover a doctor for every eventuality.'


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At APEX, we care for your convenience by making your all day to day affairs simple. Our services are about your convenience and comfort. Towards this we are happy to present APEX App, a smartphone application that help you do lots more on your AICL membership or crisis management. You can contact us in crisis, call us for your requirements. Post your queries, receive membership benefits including articles, magazines and more. Pay your renewal online. Refer friends or take fresh membership. Contact our experts or simply browse anything related to our company or membership details.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have specialists in gynaecological cases ?

Yes, we do have specialists on our medical advisors panel, few of which are gynaecologists themselves and have been advising our members not only in cases but also in terms of best practices to avoid any complications related to this specialization


Do you give service in rural areas ?

Yes, we do provide services in rural areas. We have implemented a hub and spoke model for our branches which allows us to reach into deeper areas and provide professional service.


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