Experts In today's scenario any fault or mistake or due to any misunderstanding also if there is any problem by any medical practitioner, it becomes unacceptable. And if it occurs, is bound to land the physician in the court of law – both civil and criminal. Incidence wise, it is the medical practitioners who are made targets by the many sections of society. This, amongst medical practitioners has precipitated a wide – spread fear and it is hotly debated topic. This, in our opinion, is primarily because of the doctor's ignorance of the legalities related to medical negligence. Secondly, it is because the legal fraternity is not able to understand the intricacies of medical science. When both these facts are simultaneously present, defending a doctor becomes difficult. To add to this, many a times the issues involved are so complicated that the courts, commissions and the forums may need ample assistance from the bar to explain the complexities of the procedures undertaken and the problems in hand. This requires a very knowledgeable person, knowledgeable both in medicine and law, to plead the doctor's case. Today medical law has become a specialty itself. In the courts, ignorance is not bliss. It may finally end with the physician paying Lacs of rupees as compensation. This ignorance under all circumstances must be dispelled.